The most expensive and rare stones

There is a whole lot of gems out there. People are trying to outdo each other by wearing the most expensive ones. Well for those who are lovers of such stones and those who think that the more expensive, the more the elegance and class here is a list showing the top 10 most expensive stones.

1. Jadeite
Topping the list is the Jadeite which is going at a very high price of three million for just a single karat! It comes with various shades of green such as Apple emerald leek and bluish green. They are sold according to the intensity of the green color therefore if you looking for something totally expensive and exceptional consider the one totally dark green.

2. Red Diamond
Second on the list is red diamond which apparently is sold at one hundred million U.S dollars for a single karat. If you are looking for beauty and class, then this stone will automatically do that for you. Everything about it screams quality from its color to how rare it is. But be ready to bleed your bank account on this one.

3. Blue Garnet
It costs about 1.5 million per karat. It comes in a wide array of colors from pink, purple, red, yellow, green, orange, brown and even black. But mostly it’s found in a bluish green color thus the name.

4. Taaffeite
The quoted stone above will also give you a run for your money. It goes at the price of thirty-five thousand dollars per karat. It is a very rare stone, and it is found in the alluvial deposits of Sri Lanka and Tanzania. Therefore if you want to stand out from the rest, then this stone will do.

5. The Grandidierite
It is a very hard to find mineral which is of a bluish nature with either yellow or greenish accents. It was discovered in Sri Lanka and usually sold at a price of more than thirty thousand dollars per karat.

6. Diamond
Due to its beauty, preciousness and even being rare diamond is one of the most expensive stone. It has gained popularity over the years due to its preciousness, stunning silver color and how it is usually related to elegance. A karat is sold for 15000 US dollars.

7. Ruby
Ruby is another precious stone. Selling at a price of fifteen thousand dollars, the stone is known for its richness in red color. No other stone expresses the color than ruby. Having different shades such as bright, purple and dark red is an added advantage to it. So if you want to go red then look no further but be ready to dig deep in your pockets.

8. Alexandrite
Not including the outstanding alexandrite would not be fair. With its ability to change color the stone has been associated with the classy and well to do people of the society. It is sold at a price of twelve thousand US dollars for each karat. It was found in Russia and is emerald in light while it appears ruby red in darkness.

9. Musgravite
At six thousand dollars per karat is the Musgravite. It was found in 1967 in Australia and is very rare and a very hard stone. Apart from having different elements in it, the stone also originates from the family of the great Taaffeite.

10. Black Opal
Closing our list for the top ten most expensive stones is the black opal. Produced in Australia, the Opal is light because twenty percent of its weight is made up of water. It comes in a diversity of colors, but the most sought and rare one is black. Therefore if this is the stone you want then look for the black color. It goes at a price of about 2300 dollars